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Tumcha Aamcha Same Asta!...

A solo-female-artist drama...

With artists like P. L. Deshpande, Laxman Deshpande, Ram Nagarkar, Madhur Tillu, Murlidhar Rajurkar our Marathi Stage has been gifted with great respect for the solo performance / one-man-show.

One of the artists following the footsteps of these great legends to go ahead is Chaitali Majgaonkar-Bhandari. She has written a two-part drama “Tumcha Aamcha Same Aasta!” Sadanand Chandekar being the director and Surendra Majgaonkar being the producer of this Drama. Although there are many artists in Solo-Performances, a lady Solo-Performance artist is new and one-of-a-kind. With great courage she has entered the industry while writing storyline.

In the first part, how a girl marries and goes to her new home and the type of treatment she gets from her mother-in-law while in the second part, show this same girl when turns into mother-in-law and treats her daughter-in-law; thus goes the storyline. The plot consists of many subjects like small household issues, Generation Gap, Female Foeticide.  Chaitali has stepped into many characters in this drama.




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